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Misery Index – Pulling Out The Nails [2010]

Genre: Death Metal / Grindcore
Country: Baltimore, USA
Website: Myspace
Quality: VBR

1.Manufacturing Greed 03:35
2.Your Pain Is Nothing 04:18
3.Blood On Their Hands 01:39
4.Pulling Out the Nails 02:25
5.Dead Shall Rise 03:06
6.My Untold Apocalype 02:10
7.Alive? 01:56
8.Reality Distortion (Disrupt cover) 03:25
9.Sheep And Wolves 02:40
10.Exception To The Ruled 04:28
11.The Imperial Ambition 03:41
12.Multiply By Fire 02:19
13.Defector (Thinning The Herd) 03:13
14.Conquistadores 03:51
15.Walls Of Confinement (Napalm Death cover) 02:40
16.Scene and Not Heard 01:33
17.Hang ’em High 01:02
18.Love It or Leave It 01:08
19.Discordia (Acoustic Version) 03:11
20.Ruling Class Cancelled 02:09
21.49 Second of Hate 00:49
22.The Color of Blood 02:08
23.Meet Reality 02:23
24.The Living Shall Envy the Dead 00:46
25.Demand the Impossible 04:27
26.Panopticon 02:18
27.Screaming at a wall (Minor Threat cover) 01:49
28.Alive? (Live) 01:58
29.My Untold Apocalypse (Live) 02:16
30.Manufacturing Greed (Live) 03:48



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