Napisane przez: matka1902 | Marzec 18, 2010

Death Threat – Spit It Out!

Country: Nev Haven, Connecticut, USA
Website: Myspace
Quality: VBR


1.Spit It Out
So go ahead and talk about me,
It only fuels my fire,
You won’t take this home from me!
This is my one desire,
They think they know about the time that’s been spent,
Life that I lead, tears that I shed,
You won’t take this from me,
I’ll never give in!
We chose to rise above the lies,
The ignorance and the hypocrisy,
I’ll never give in! I haven’t lost faith, you won’t take this from me!
Where has it gone, where did I go wrong,
I’ve got to stop blaming myself, why do I blame myself?
People will talk and say what they want, this is my life, do what I like!
This is our life, let’s do what feels right!
That’s right, 3-4-5-6-7 lates.
You can laugh and talk behind my back, it only fuels my fire,
Go ahead and laugh,
Stab me in the back,
This is my one desire!



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