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Chiodos – Bone Palace Ballet Grand Coda [2008]

Genre: Post-Hardcore
Country: Davison, USA
Website: Myspace
Quality: VBR

1. Two Birds Stoned at Once
2. Is It Progression If A Cannibal Uses a Fork?
3. Lexington. (Joey Pea-Pot With A Monkey Face)
4. Bulls Make Money, Bears Make Money, Pigs Get Slaughtered
5. A Letter From Janelle
6. I Didn’t Say I Was Powerful, I Said I Was A Wizard
7. …And Then The Liver Screamed ‚HELP!’
8. We Swam From Albatross, The Day We Lost Kailey Cost
9. Life Is A Perception Of Your Own Reality
10. If I Cut My Hair, Hawaii Will Sink
11. Smitten For The Mitten
12. Intensity In Ten Cities
13. The Undertaker’s Thirst For Revenge Is Unquenchable. (The Final Battle)
14. I Didn’t Say I Was Powerful, I Said I Was A Wizard (Acoustic)
15. A Letter From Janelle (Acoustic)



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